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We are ReadWheel – die Mobile Bibliothek. The concept behind ReadWheel started in 2017 when bookworm parents, Alex and Naa, noticed their local library’s abysmal options in diverse children’s books. As a family who speaks Ga+German+English (Gagerlish), they found it especially difficult to locate quality diverse books for their children, especially since they lived in the German-speaking world. Looking at other library shelves, there were many books, but diversity was missing.  

Naa already had a book buying problem hence building a diverse home library was simply feeding an addiction. It got so out of hand that they decided to start selling diverse children’s book to buy more books. They tested the market selling black children’s books. The overwhelming response made it clear that there are many other families facing similar challenges. Families were thrilled to purchase their first black children’s books and expressed a desire to take the entire selection to their homes and classrooms. 

 “AHA!” – A diverse mobile library was conceived! ReadWheel became determined to make it easier for other inter-cultural families to find great diverse books. It required no convincing to recruit Naa’s bestfriend Tjaša to teach her the ropes and join the team. Ruqquya, a mother of three and fellow diverse book lover lends her hands to support ReadWheel and that’s how our wheel started rolling. Within a short time, ReadWheel evolved and branched out with the school partnership program sometimes using traditional children’s books depending on the school needs.  

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Alex is a father who blissfully turns endless pages of diverse books for his girls. As a trained Montessori elementary educator, he has been dedicated to creating an inclusive classroom and building bridges for Austrian children to gain experience of diverse books.



Naa Anorkor is a Ghanaian-American Montessori educator who seeks to share her love of Africa with children. She could be considered an accidental librarian as her book loving heart lead her to co-found ReadWheel – die mobile Bibliothek, an organization that advocates for children to have increased access to diverse children’s books. She’s head over hills about storytelling and always has the perfect story for every occasion. 

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Tjasa is the resident librarian. She is a reader, reviewer, and children’s book aficionado. She held her first ‘job’ at 9 years old in her local library and has decades of experience working with children in finding the right books. She studied Library Science at University of Ljubljana. Her loves sharing her passion for all things books to help families find inclusive literature material. She loves music, brainy things, and all types of people. She seeks out burek, chapati and diverse book titles.



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