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We inspire Diversity and Inclusivity through children’s Books.

Imagine every child seeing themselves in the pages of a book.

ReadWheel is a book-loving organization advocating increased access to diverse literature for children. We promote books to reflect and honor the lives of every child in every family.

By giving children access to books that feature diverse characters, they discover a world that celebrates them. Children find belonging as their societal invisibility vanishes. 

Parents wade through mountains of offerings, only to encounter frustration. New books are expensive, so it is not very realistic for every family to build a massive library at home.  

Many families don’t know that solutions to their challenges could be in books.

  • welcome a new sibling     
  • learn about being different     
  • the struggles of moving     
  • starting school    
  • gaining cooperation     
  • increasing helpfulness
  • taking responsibility
Our spotlight on diverse books heavily focuses on black children’s books. As parents and readers of these books, we know how hard it is to find them. We want to bring these books to you and your children and help you find what you’re looking for. 
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Our objectives:

  • Showcase the wonderful selection of black children’s books on the market.
  • Help families discover themselves as book lovers.    
  • Show parents what children’s books can truly offer.

Our Services


Why ReadWheel?

There is a current global movement for more diverse books to be accessible to children. We are working to bring that to Austria.

A huge selection (over 1000+) of diverse children’s books.
Direct recommendations for books to cope with many family challenges.
Organize events coordinated with the library.
Our YouTube channel reads diverse English children’s books in German.
The ReadWheel blog provides reliable book reviews
The Buch Apotheke helps readers find books.
We sell books at some events, both new and used (library) books. 
We believe in recycling and making it easier for families to afford books. 

We have school partnerships to allow children from all backgrounds to access diverse  books.

Accessibility is a priority.  We bring diverse book collections to community functions making it
easier for families and educators to experience diverse books. 
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