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Mobile Library

Bringing Diversity Reading Resources to You!

Based in Vienna, the maroon family van travels across Austria custom loaded with diverse books for each event. Packed with more than 1.000+ books, we drive through Vienna and Lower Austria annually, between November and August. The van sets up a Pop-Up Library in community spaces. Families are invited to pop in to browse, play and enjoy reading with us. Everyone is welcome to sit down and read.

Our program inspires the love of reading in children who often otherwise do not have easy access to diverse literature.

The event-based mobile library brings carefully selected book themes and topics to complement your event. We offer story time. Books are for on-site browsing only. There is the option to sell books if this is suitable for your event. Readers choose from a wide selection of intercultural books by authors ranging from Jacqueline Woodson to Saadia Faruqi, Sharee Miller to Robert Liu-Trujillo, Nikki Grimes to Wade & Cheryl Hudson. Be on the lookout for our next event at a location near you! The RW mobile library makes its way to intercultural events and festivals, including book-related events, parks, Donau Island events, sidewalks in shopping districts, summer theaters, Christmas markets, and farmer’s markets. Stocked with books, new and used, for sale upon request of event planners.



Bring diversity into your school so all children benefit from early contact with diverse books.

We encourage partnerships with bilingual schools, private libraries, nurseries, kindergartens, churches, playgroups, children’s charities, non-profits, hospitals, specialized schools, family centers… any and every organization seeking diverse books!

 How it Works

1.    You, the educator, contact us.

2.    We send you the link to our online School Partnership library.

3.    Children, Educators and the School all choose the desired books.

4.    We deliver directly to you, bi-weekly or monthly, as requested. 

Why consider a school partnership?

·     Educators are student role models. When teachers use diverse children’s literature in the classroom, children are more likely to request and prefer such books for leisure reading, too.

·     Children in bilingual schools typically come from families with more global backgrounds. The ReadWheel mobile library assists these children as they navigate culturally diverse environments outside of school.

·     Teachers use discussion to impact attitudes, create awareness and increase respect about cultures other than one’s own. Reading books outside of a child’s personal experiences challenges the feeling of being an outsider.

·     Children in minority groups see positive representations in books, reading about characters and lives reflective of their own experience. This supports comprehension and articulation of their own story and identity.

·     Social mainstream families become exposed to the literature of children in different cultural groups. Mainstream families have valuable exposure reading about children who look and live differently from them and yet discover quickly their similarities.

Story Time

Story Time

We designed it so you can be in control

Storytelling transports children to another realm where their imagination is set free to run within the safety of an enchanting tale. The story’s emotions help children learn, relate and understand life. Stories make a lifelong


We also bring music, tastes, smells, art and crafts, call and response, story booklets, questions and discussions into your classroom as part of Story Time. 

Story Time trains children’s ability to

concentrate. An early introduction to technology, along with our hectic

lifestyles, makes it more difficult for children to develop key listening

skills. Introducing them to storytelling and stimulating their listening skills build critical competencies for future academic success.



2.5 to 6 and 6 to 9


English and German.

Book Apotheke



We want to hear your challenges.

For almost all the normal day-to-day family struggles, there’s a book available to help support adults and children gain understanding about what is happening to them, the situation and any others involved. For parents, this can be a rapid remedy to help start mending behaviours, saving time and frustration.

There’s great relief in knowing that your child is not so unique, and other families also experience similar problem situations. You can get through it.  The concept behind Book Apotheke is to let parents know that a children’s book may be an additional resource to help family members understand a problem in a calm, respectful interaction.  Tell us the challenges you’re facing with your child and we’ll research appropriate books to help.  And if you find yourself in a situation where there’s no book about it, then its time to write.  

Please know that we are always here to support you with your diverse children’s book needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we’ll work together to find what you’re looking for.

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